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Merging youth and experience

Hriadel & Heger was established by attorneys JUDr. Roman Hriadel Jr. and JUDr. Pavol Heger. This professional team furthermore cooperates with junior legal trainees, assistants, renowned tax and accounting advisors, certified technical experts, reputable organisations and translators.

JUDr. Roman Hriadel ml.

Senior partner

+421 918 027 688

JUDr. Pavol Heger

Senior partner

+421 907 686 624

- Attorney at law nad bankruptcy trustee at the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic
- FIDIC consultant / member of the Slovak Association of Consulting Engineers (SACE)
- Member of the Legislative and Legal Commission of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee

- Attorney at law and certified expert on intellectual property law

form of legal support

We provide comprehensive and tailored made legal services

Commercial law



Commercial law belongs to one of our main areas of expertise. We will gladly assist you in all cycles and areas of your business activities.

Confidentially of personal information/GDPR

Establishments and legal changes registrations for companies

Preparation and commenting of agreements and contracts

Debt recovery of financial claims

Representing clients in courts and administrative proceedings

Securities law

Legal analyses, audits, expert meetings, consultations, proposals for a comprehensive solution of a legal issue

Bankruptcy law, personal bankruptcy and debt relief

Activities of a person authorized to register a partner for public sector in the PVS register

Unfair competition law

Employment law



Employment law generally regulates relations between employees and employers.

Contractual relations - creation, change, termination of employment

Litigation agenda

Work inspection and control execution

Employment of foreigner employees

Employment through agency and employees leasing

Criminal law



Defence and advocacy in criminal and misdemeanour proceedings

Proposals for start of prosecution and corrective remedies

Legal interactions with entities abroad

Probation and mediation proceedings

Civil law



We will help in all areas of civil law.

Activities execution within the capacity and position of insolvency administrator

Preparation of restructuring assessments

Preparation of legal contracts

Legal analyses, audits, expert meetings, consultations, proposals for a comprehensive solution of legal issue

Representation in bankruptcy proceedings

Bankruptcy law

Personal bankruptcy and debt relief

Activities of a person authorized to register a partner for public sector in the PVS register

Intellectual property law



Intellectual property rights are nowadays becoming increasingly important due to increased social networks usage and irresponsible users.

General guidelines for logo publication

Registration of trademarks, patents, designs, utility models and other applicable designs

IP activities at national and international level

Representation before Slovak IP Authority, EUIPO, WIPO

Strategy for efficient use of intellectual property rights

Comprehensive services in the area of copyright law

Sport law



Sport does not only mean athletic performances and fans. Good contractual basis and transparent rules help to cooperate successfully also in the professional sport domain.

Representation and legal assistance to athletes with enforcing their contractual rights and financials claims against sports clubs

Representing and advising sport clubs in building fair and transparent contractual relationships with players

Representation in sports legal disputes, including representation before international arbitration authorities

Preparation of legal analyses and comments on legal agreements and contracts

Administrative law



Public administration and public authorities are not error-free. In situations of mistakes by public authorities, we will help to remedy these errors and prepare all necessary supporting documentation.

Client representation in proceedings before the court and administrative authorities

Obtaining certificates, permits and professional competencies authentications

Construction proceedings, land related proceedings, etc.

Appeals against administrative decisions

Representation in administrative proceedings

Competition law

Public procurement law



We will help, advise and prepare the necessary documentation for participation in public procurement and tenders.

Representation in proceedings before UVO and courts

Execution activities within the capacity of the contracting authority

Comprehensive advising and preparation of documentation in the implementation of public procurement

We strictly respect and protect the confidentiality of the information provided by our clients.


form of legal support

We provide our legal services in all forms


Legal advice and consultancy in various law domains.


Representation in judicial, administrative and other proceedings.


Participation and representation in negotiations.


Conducting legal analyses, delivering technical opinions and expert reviews.


Comprehensive legal audits (due diligence).


Preparation and commenting on contracts, legal agreements and other documentation.


Preparation of generally binding and internal regulations.

Debt recovery

Recovery of debt claims (court and out-of-court settlements, recovery via execution and bankruptcy proceedings).


Filing of suit actions, prosecutions and other submissions.

“ We perceive the cooperation with Hriadel & Heger as flexible, highly professional and with great human approach. They respond quickly to our questions and are willing to give their advice even after the project is closed. Hriadel & Heger simply give us a feeling of legal certainty. ”

Michal Židek, owner and managing director of Royal Water

“ EUHL has been using the legal services of Hriadel & Heger already since several years. In addition to the day-to-day legal agenda, they also provide tailored-made solutions in specific areas in which our organization is involved and where we realize our activities. Our long-term cooperation is a proof of satisfaction. ”

Ľubomír Sekeráš, CEO of European University Hockey League (EUHL)

“ The reach and range of the expertise and services of Hriadel & Heger's provided to us is broad, with particular zoom on contractual relationships, commercial law and debt recovery. We especially appreciate their professionalism, expertise and loyalty. ”

Ing. Jozef Mihálik, owner of Holiday INN Žilina and Trnava

“ Thank you for alerting us on for us relevant law changes. We do appreciate effective cooperation with your law firm. ”

Jozef Štalmach, owner and chairman of the board of directors of ELMAX Žilina

“ Our company places major emphasis on seriousness, helpfulness and readiness to solve required tasks. Hriadel & Heger meets these criteria and we consider their commitment, engagement and expertise in fulfilling their duties towards us as exemplary. ”

Ing. Roman Tožička, CEO of Systeming

“ We are highly satisfied with the work of Hriadel & Heger. We appreciate this expert team, which is able to solve in a short time period variety of problems which we encounter in our business. ”


“ In the complex and constantly changing legislation, it would be difficult for us to navigate through without our partners from Hriadel & Heger. Within our ongoing co-operation we constantly use their legal services and advice. Sometimes we feel that they are here for us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. ”

Jaroslav Černý, CEO - EUREX MEDICA s.r.o.

“ In addition to innovative ideas, our company also needs experienced lawyers. During our cooperation we have solved many challenges including debt collection. We are furthermore grateful for notifications on important law changes and we appreciate our beneficial cooperation with your law firm. ”

Ing. Jakub Jursa, co-founder and COO at Labyrinth Labs, s.r.o.

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